2018 in Review: Blogging

It’s the last year in review post and I can’t believe tomorrow will be the last post of 2018 all together. When it came time to review my year, I wasn’t sure what needed to happen first or last. I ended up focusing on blogging last because I’ve always had an odd relationship with blogging. I love it, but sometimes it doesn’t love me.

2018 in Review: Blogging

Over the year I had a few goals:

  • keep posting on a regular basis!
  • Start doing guest posts on other blogs to raise Ginger & Co.’s visibility
  • promote more guest post options here on Ginger & Co. (wanna guest post? Here you go)
  • release an e-book
  • publish one new email series
  • make sure all my autoresponders work
  • start pitching companies to work with them
  • turn Ginger & Co. profitable enough that it pays for itself instead of my job paying for it

Y’all, I don’t think I accomplished any of those goals, except for the posting part. Even this summer, that was iffy. This year, especially the second half, took everything I knew and needed in my productivity and dumped it on its head and caged me in. I’ve lost the space I need to be creative but I’ve also lost sight of what was important to the blog.

Instead of building the blog to thrive, I barely survived. Over this year, I realized what I want out of the blog and it goes back to the idea that prompted me to start a new blog (instead of continuing my old one from my teenage years). I want my blog to not only document my life, but to be a funny, relatable place for women who appreciate humor. Ones who know they take on too much every day. Those who want more out of life. Those who aren’t afraid to fall and make fools out of themselves (literally).

I hope that in my ability to fuck up the little things in the day-to-day of my life, and laughing while I do so, helps others not beat themselves up. We’re human, and I’m a firm believer that you have to be able to laugh through it all. I hope 2019 shows that more than any other year. That through all my misfires and klutzy spills, I can learn lessons and share them.

In 2019, I want things to work on this blog. That’s part of why I’m taking the time to refine everything now in the back end. The sign-up boxes, the autoresponders, the social media posts, the planning of content. I want all those things to stop nagging at me so I can tell stories about the things in life that are important.

Going into the new year, after the year I’ve had, I’m feeling pretty clear-headed about what I’m going for in 2019 and I’m super excited for y’all to meet Ginger & Co. after five (January 13 will mark 5 years).

So, while this year was kind of meh (Though I will say I was killing it with content in October and November), I’m excited for the future.