2018 in Review: My Personal Life

Given that I’ve pretty much taken the rest of the year off from creative endeavors, I thought it would be fun to go in-depth on a review, looking back at 2018 and what a year it was. Over the next two weeks, I’ll tackle my goals from 2018 and how I did on all of them. Today I want to talk about my personal goals and how my personal life saw this new feeling of fulfillment this year.

2018 in Review: My Personal Life

A Look Back at My Personal Goals from 2018

  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Lose another 25 pounds
  • read 30 books this year
  • have $2000 in savings by the end of June
  • have $5000 in savings by the end of the year
  • pay off at least one credit card
  • Go on a date (by August)

Can I just say this list makes me giggle a little? Losing weight? I’ve lost ten pounds, and all of them have happened in the last three months. While I haven’t lost a lot of weight lately, I’m feeling reinvigorated and for my birthday, I bought myself a year-long membership to the premium version of MY Fitness Pal. My dietician and I use My Fitness Pal to track my weight, my exercises, and most importantly, my food.

If I stay focused like I am now, I think I could easily lose another 30 pounds in 2019 and put myself back under 200 pounds.

While I listed my goal to be 30 books this year, the real goal was to read the entire In Death series. Given that there are 47 books in that series, if I accomplished that goal, I crushed the 30 book one. I think I had that goal under wraps in April. Next week I’ll talk a lot more about my reading goals but it feels good to be closing in on 60 books read this year.

My money goals didn’t go as far as I wanted to, but with my new job, I’m getting paid biweekly and I really feel like that’s made a difference. I’m saving more than I did before and I’m going to start making more money in the new year, so those money goals will happen next year.

The one goal I threw on there, just for shits and giggles, but actually accomplished? I went on a date! To be honest, I went on a few dates. While none of them have produced a second date, I’m all right with that. After seven years of being comfortable as a single woman, I’m still readjusting to this idea that people want to go out on dates with me. When it’s time for a second date with the same person, I’ll make that move.

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But the fact that I went on a date? Yeah, I’m laughing at myself, too.

Since August, when I really launched into this weird world of online dating, I’ve been on a few dates, talked to a guy for two months before the question “Are you free Wednesday?” made him go radio silent (seriously), and insulted a guy for telling him I had better things to do than look at his dick pics (thank goodness he didn’t send them). One guy gave me his snapchat name and then I accidentally pasted it as the opening line of another message for a dating app. It’s been a wild ride, this online dating thing.

But more importantly, beyond the boys and dating shenanigans, this year, I made friends. Friends from Apple that I still talk to on a regular basis. Friends that I’m moving in with in January, friends who will be our neighbors. Friends that listen to my shenanigans, friends who will talk politics with me. I lost a friend from Apple earlier this year, and I still don’t know what happened. If anything, while working at Apple was fun, the personal benefits I got in the form of friends, that was so much better.

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Even at my current job, I found myself developing friendships that I didn’t expect. The girl who sits next to me and I have bonded over planners and movies and all these girly things neither one of us wants to admit we enjoy.

The biggest achievement for my year was the friends I’ve made, the ones who love me in spite of all the nonsense I bring. That, was by far, the best part of 2018.