2019: The Goals List

2019 is here and y’all I am pumped! As I think about this year, I think about all the things that I already know will happen and I’m ready for it to happen. 2018 was a pretty solid year, thinking back on it, and I’m really hoping to continue building this year. Toward the end of 2018, knowing that my move to my new townhouse was just weeks away and knowing that a new year was just around the corner, I got really excited.

I’m riding off that excitement into the new year and I’m ready to tackle all the goals. While a lot of these goals are repeats of last year (because of life), but I’m feeling pretty good for these goals. So without further ado, here are my big goals for 2019.

The Mega List of 2019 Goals

The Mega Goals List of 2019

Personal Goals

  • Get to 200 pounds
  • Get to 175 pounds
  • read 35 books (No 47-book series this year)
  • Move in January
  • Get Evernote organized
  • Wedding One Gift
  • Wedding Two Gift
  • Wedding Three Gift

Career & Money Goals

  • Get to $3,000 in savings for a car down payment (I won’t be buying a car until necessary, but I need to plan)
  • pay off my Amazon Credit Card
  • Earn my bonus every month
  • Maybe move within the company I’m currently at? This wouldn’t be until at least 2019.
  • Get a will! This something offered for free by my company, so why not?

Laura Teagan Goals

  • publish Airtime & Alibis
  • publish Betrayals & Bylines
  • publish Cameras & Confessions
  • publish Justice & Lies
  • publish Hit List (yes, that is five books – pray for me)
  • Facebook ads (with bonus money)
  • grow the mailing list to 200 people (sign up here)
  • constitently produce content on the website about books in general an my books

Ginger & Co. Goals

  • relaunch the website for birthday #5
  • finish redoing previous posts
  • Be consistent with my newsletters
  • turn Ginger & Co. into a profitable being (At least so it pays for itself)
  • guest post on other sites an blogs
  • redo my current newsletter series
  • launch a new email series

As I said before, a lot of these are continuing goals from 2018, but the big goals that I have on my list this year? These are the ones that are worth taking years to get to. They’re totally worth it.

You can read the 2018 goals here, but tell me, what are your goals this year?