5 Ways to Stay Up to Date with What’s Happening in the World

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the news. Current events, how fast something can fall from the news, how something so temporary can affect us for such a long time. Part of the reason I went into politics during the 2016 election was because I’m so addicted to this stuff. Now, even after leaving politics, I still have a love for the news. I’ve joked that I’m a recovering political addict, with more emphasis on the addict part than the recovering (not to say that addiction is funny, but I write murder mysteries, my sense of humor is dark). After needing a break when I was unemployed, I’ve found myself going back to following the news, and today I want to share some of my favorite ways to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world.

5 Ways to Stay Up to Date with What's Happening in the World

My Favorite Podcasts

1. Up First

Every morning, I get to work about fifteen minutes early because I’m that person. Other people have morning routines before they go to work, most of my morning routines happen after I get to work. While I get ready to start the day, I listen to a quick 10-15 minute podcast – Up First by NPR. These podcasts are quick little snippets of things happening in the world right now. They mainly focus on news in the United States, but they also cover international aspects – like the Rohingyan crisis in Asia.

The hosts all have great chemistry too, so it’s a great way to start the day and get a little bit of information about what’s happening in the world.

2. The Daily

The Daily was really the first podcast I got hooked on that wasn’t writing related. The Daily is from The New York Times, and since its launch last year, the podcast has covered everything from the Russia Investigation, Hurricane Harvey (and all the others) and just this week, The Daily did an episode on Tonya Harding and yesterday’s episode covered the USA Gymnastics scandal.

The Daily and Up First cover many of the same topics on a weekly basis, but The Daily goes a little more in-depth on two topics an episode and the episodes are longer.

Oh, and one of the producers is a Toeniskoetter, so clearly I’m gonna love it either way.

3. Left, Right, and Center

Now this one is a super political nerd podcast. It comes out on Friday afternoons, and the hour-long show features three main hosts – one in the center, one who leans left, and one who leans right. They debate politics and the week’s events, but unlike so many other things going on in politics lately, these people are actually classy. They banter, but you can tell they enjoy it and the show together.

I always appreciate people who can argue but be classy about it.

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Emails and Articles

1. The Skimm

What news round-up for young women would be complete without The Skimm? It’s an email you get every morning that breaks down what’s happened and what’s going to happen – both in politics and in pop culture, plus everything in between. Because I’m the worst at email, I often have to go back and read it to make sure I’ve read it because I miss it when it first comes out. While I check out a few round-up emails, this one is still my favorite, because the writers have fun with the news, which is something most don’t ever do.

2. 5 Things from CNN

If you haven’t already figured out, I like to get my news from a variety of sources. I read multiple newspapers, watch multiple news stations, etc. I like to get my news from a lot of places because each place is going to have a little bit of bias (and that’s okay, humans are biased naturally!), and it’s good to see different aspects of a story. 5 Things from CNN is a lot like The Skimm, but a little more formal.

3. The Morning/Evening Briefing

The Morning and Evening Briefings are articles I read in the morning and then in the evening. These are both from The New York Times and I get notifications to read them. I do a lot of reading of the news before I really start at work, but it’s also good to recap what’s happened during the day at the end of the day. Each of the topics covered in these briefings has information where I can read more if I’d like to, or I can just read the snippet.

4. Apple News

If you know me, you know I’m obviously an Apple fan. The Apple News app is a native app that allows you to customize your news sources, tailor notifications and you can even add specific topics to watch. The more you use the app, the smarter it gets and I love that I can a solid variety of news sources all in one app.

I know, I know, you probably think you don’t need to pay attention to what’s going on. But if anything, the past few years have shown us that not paying attention can come and bite you in the ass. I’ll never understand why people want to be so ignorant to things that have an impact on their life. Even if you only subscribe to one of these outlets, you’re still giving yourself the power of education and knowledge.

And we should all want that, not just for ourselves, but for others too.