Today is the end of October, well tomorrow is, but today is the end of the work week in October. A couple weeks ago, the 50 day mark to graduation came and passed, and the truth is, I’ve been worrying about it since.

all these changes

If you missed the announcement Tuesday, The Assassin is coming out on November 10th. November 17th is my birthday, December 12th is graduation. I’ll probably move back home the 13th of December.

It’s like everything is changing, and it’s all changing at once.

People often ask me why I do so many things and how I do them all, well here’s the reason: staying busy is a coping mechanism. If I’m not busy and engaged in things, like a blog, a job search, and a book, I sit and I think.

Now, thinking is a good thing, yes, but I overthink. And overthink the overthinking. I’m a person who loves to throw myself into work, to maneuver through everything in a problem. If I take a step back and try to look at the big picture of my life, at least for the rest of the year, it’s a bit terrifying.

Yes, I know these are all things I’m excited for, but the aftermath? The not knowing? It’s scary. Finishing school and wondering how friendships and relationships will play out when I move away, with the possibility that I may never come back? It’s scary.

Life is a roller coaster, and it’s taking me along for the ride, whether I like it or not.