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1st Day of College Pack List

1st Day of Class Pack List

This post contains affiliate links. The first week of college is right around the corner! Can you believe it? This weekend, thousands of college students will be moving across the country to move into dorms and student apartments. While moving back to school is always fun, especially when you move into a new apartment, sometimes […]

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TBGT: Blog Designs

Disclaimer: This post does feature affiliate links.  Now that we’ve got our names and hosts, it’s time to talk about a design. Your blog design is one of the most crucial parts of your blog. You need a great balance between design and content to win over new readers. I’m talking about design first because […]

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TGBT:: Names & Hosting

Today is a two topic day. I combined these because after five years and numerous blog names, I didn’t think I could write a whole post on blog names. But I can write half of one! Names Once you think about why you want to start a blog and what you’ll blog about, you should have a […]

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TGBT: Starting a Blog

Today is the first real day of the blogging series! And with everything in life, we must start at the very beginning (a very good place to start! [You know you just sang along with that!]). You can’t take any blog advice without one big thing: a blog. Before you start a blog though, there’s one big […]

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Woman, Strong

Yesterday, I read this interview article with Selena Gomez. She talked briefly about how being a strong woman can be a problem when it comes to dating. And I can totally relate. I’ve fought depression. I’ve lived with a special needs brother for as long as I can remember. I’ve saved a former friend from […]

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Howdy, I’m Laura. I’m the 20 year-old award winning author, ex (semi) professional photographer, student assistant for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Senior Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, full time college kid. Wow, ok, that’s a lot. But, what can I say? I’m a do-it-all gal. I’m a big dreamer with a hard core work ethic […]

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