Be Bold in 2017 // Personal Goals

Today is the last day of the Be Bold challenge for 2017. In terms of the goals I’ve laid out so far for my business and my health, January is almost over and I’m still on track. It’s a nice feeling to have! To be honest, I struggled with what I wanted my personal goals to be because so many of my goals are health-related or career-related this year (or writing). But I feel like I have a solid list of goals for 2017.

Be Bold // Personal Goals

1. Read two books a month

Being a writer, reading is incredibly important to my craft. Lately, I’ve sucked at reading, so I have a goal to read two books a month. I have a few book series I’d love to go back and re-read for craft’s sake. I’m currently reading The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer (yes, the Twilight lady) and it’s a slow read, so I’m going to fail this goal for January. But every other month? I better get those two books.

2. Save all the monies

So I only worked for six months last year. Experts say you should have enough money saved to survive for six months if you lose your job. I’ve made it three, but the money is cold now. Hopefully, when I do land a job, I’ll have more wiggle room to effectively save money. I’d like to save at least three months of living expenses up (more depending on how soon I get back to working full-time).

3. Go paperless

That’s basically all I’ve talked about in January (read more about it in yesterday’s post here).

4. Treat myself to some new clothes

I hate shopping. Being at my current weight, dressing can be hard to hide all the awful parts (talking about you, my little stomach gut). As I’m working on losing weight with the hell of a dietician, I’m hoping to actually lose some weight. The long-term goal is to get me back to what I was before I was diagnosed back in 2011. It’s a long way off, but when I get there, I’d like to splurge a little and buy myself some new clothes. Clothes that look cute on anyone.

5. Be more open to inviting people in and inviting myself along for the ride

Back to my childhood days, I have this weird thing with asking people to do things with me, like grab dinner or go see a movie. I hate having to do that, but I know it’s a crucial part of having friends and I need to get over myself and do it.

This year is all about getting organized, getting out of my own head and enjoying life to the fullest. At least I hope so!

What are some of your personal goals for 2017?