BOOK REVIEWSShoutout to Kory Woodard because I’m adapting this idea from her because I love it so much. 

I really try to make an effort to keep reading during school. I’ve learned that I get most of my reading done during lunch, so I try to make sure I give myself a half-hour break to make lunch (usually chicken nuggets) and sit and read while I eat. My nook is great because if I get anything on it, I can quickly wipe it down.

This month, my goal was to read four books, and I read three. I wanted to give a quick review of the three books I read.

1. Killer in High Heels

This is the second in a series and this one was a book I finished at the beginning of the month. It’s definitely an interesting premise and I loved the development between Maddie and the main love interest, Jack. The Mob story line was definitely interesting too.

2. The Means

I read this one for my book project and I have to say, I found the story interesting, but the writing was subpar. In writing, we have thins thing called showing vs. telling, and you want to stick with showing as much as possible. In this book, if you didn’t have dialogue, it was telling and it just didn’t work.


This is the third in a series and while I loved this the first time I read it in high school, this time it took me a lot longer to read it because it just wasn’t as engaging. I felt like I was reading it more on a critical level and it just wasn’t as great. It’s a chick-lit, cozy mystery, so if that’s your thing, definitely check out these books at least to decide for yourself!

What did you read in March?

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