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How I use Trello in My Job Search

How I Use Trello in My Job Search

As a creative entrepreneur with a slight obsession for organizing, most of my organization comes with the help of apps. I love a good set of colored pens (g2 Pilots are a must), but as I go paperless this year, I’m leaning more and more on a variety of apps. You know my love of Evernote, […]

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Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Don't Sell Yourself Short

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve only told one person this, and when I did, I realize how much I wanted it to happen. By the end of 2018, I want to be a full-time creative entrepreneur, working for myself. Now that another few hundred people know, the race is […]

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What to Take on Your First Day of Work

What to Take On Your First Day of Work

Today is the start of my fourth week at work. The end of the month, and the end of a new transitioning phase. Talk about weird. This past week we had some new girls join the team, and it made me think about my first day at work (which was only three weeks ago). Because […]

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What to Expect Your First Week at Work

As of today, I’m officially a week and a half into my job. It’s been an interesting week and a half, with moments where I felt like I needed three of me to get things done, and other moments where I hated the feeling of being the newbie with not as much to do. Getting […]

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The New Grad’s Guide to 10 Second Pitches

The past two months while I’ve been unemployed, I’ve been going to networking meetings. One thing that I always run into is a 10 second pitch to introduce yourself. While most people use their ten second pitches to discuss what they’ve done in the past, as a new grad you don’t have a lot of […]

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