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6 Ways To Start The New Year Right

Christmas is coming and right behind that is a new year. The thought is terrifying and very exhilarating, mostly because I still have so many Christmas tasks to complete and because a new year means that I have another chance to get my life in order, but somehow I never get to fully take advantage […]

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Laura and the Ginger

Sometimes, being one person in two can be hard. Especially on social media. For a while now, I’ve struggled with being Laura versus the ginger. Obviously, being a ginger is something I identify with, but it’s hard to had two platforms with two different names.’ Last year, I tried to combine all my platforms into […]

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Loving Yourself Enough for Self-Employment

I didn’t jump into self-employment the “recommended” way. You know, the save enough money to live on and have a plan way. I just kind of took the leap and luckily, I’ve landed on my feet with a successful business and a blog. And while I’d only recommend that for those that have enough confidence […]

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