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How I use Trello in My Job Search

How I Use Trello in My Job Search

As a creative entrepreneur with a slight obsession for organizing, most of my organization comes with the help of apps. I love a good set of colored pens (g2 Pilots are a must), but as I go paperless this year, I’m leaning more and more on a variety of apps. You know my love of Evernote, […]

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5 Apps I Use to Keep My Life Together

Since I started my full-time job back in May, I’ve seen myself relying more and more on the help of apps to keep my life somewhat organized. Between my job, blogging, being an author, and trying to have a social life in this crazy city, it takes a lot to keep it all together. I’m […]

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Using iCal To Stay Organized

I am all about organization, even if I never feel like I’m organized enough. I have tried many different calendar apps and physical day planners, but I always come back to using iCal. Maybe I’m not original, but for me using iCal has been a lifesaver. Today I’m going to tell you 5 great reasons […]

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The Apple Music Review: One Week In

If you’re plugged into the technology circuit at all, you probably know that last Tuesday was the launch of Apple Music, Apple’s new streaming service. Being a lover (sometimes a skeptical lover) of Apple, I decided to give it a try. Truth is, I’ll probalby stick with it. Okay, a quick background of my music history. […]

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