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Writing tips

My New Outlining Method

I’ve always been a very linear outliner. I can’t help it, I just think in order.When I working on The Assassin, I always knew the general direction and the end that the book would have, even though the details changed a lot. When it came time to sit down and plan out the sequel, TA2 (I suck […]

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How I Found My Writing Groove

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “Making Your Writing Schedule,” and while I still think it’s a totally valid post, I wrote that with the intention of creating my writing schedule. And, maybe in a way, I have, but more importantly, I found my writing groove. I found a groove that, as […]

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Picking Your POV

I’m back! So, Friday, I managed to tank both my websites and this weekend was an absolute mess. Thank God for the nice guy named Connor for getting both my websites back up and running. I lost a lot of content over on Ginger & Co., but I managed to get everything back over here! […]

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Why You NEED That Outline

Today, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of writing. Whether you should outline or “pants” your way through. “Pants” is pretty much the nice way of saying you’re BSing your way through a novel. And that’s totally fine, some people like to BS their ways through books, for a first draft that’s totally fine. But, […]

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Building Character Maps

Building Your Character Map

Have you ever heard of a character map? Character maps are a great way to connect all the relationships in your novel. By using Scapple, you can effectively build a map and know your characters inside and out. First, I know, you’re probably thinking, what on Earth is Scapple? It’s from the great people at Literature and […]

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Finding Focus to Write

Howdy there, remember me? I’m Laura. This is my blog. I’m back to regularly scheduled programming after a two and a half week break to write ten papers, including a 15 page term paper that ended up being 18 pages. Now that my semester is basically over, I am back! Tell me how you’ve been! […]

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