December 2018 Goals

I know that it’s still November, but there are only two days left, today included. My allergies have come back so the month is more or less over for me in terms of goals. November was a super busy month – two trips, multiple birthdays, and work has picked up now that it’s the end of the year and we took four days off for Thanksgiving.

December Goals

Over the month, I realized I wasn’t going to get this book done by the end of the year. So I stepped away. Not having my own workspace, not having a desk, really kills my creativity levels and leaves me exhausted in a way because my creative needs are not being met. So I’m taking the rest of the year off from writing. I’ll spend the rest of the year taking care of some administrative things that are never done. I’ll take the time to make sure systems are working so I can go back to creating once I move in January.

But first, let’s tackle this month and take a look at last month.


  • get to 220 pounds (so about eight pounds to lose, and no, I can’t believe I’m putting my weight on the internet either)
  • Christmas gifts
  • Go home for Thanksgiving
  • Cut my hair and donate it
  • Gym 10 times


  • 10 posts
  • Opt-ins for all my major categories (I already have one for blogging posts and writing posts)
  • Relaunch newsletter and figure out what to do with it


  • finish edits on Airtime and Alibis
  • a book cover
  • do a solid read through
  • start rewrites on Betrayal and Bylines
  • characters need to be all added to Evernote
  • grow mailing list to 30 people (it’s so little)
  • Instagram calendar for the rest of 2018


  • The Lies We Told
  • Thankless in Death
  • Concealed in Death
  • Festive in Death
  • Look-Alive Twenty-Five
  • Obsession in Death


  • Birthday PTO
  • Save $700 – I was close, but not all the way there
  • Get ahead on bill payments
  • Earn the incentive
  • at least one job interview

Creatively speaking, I did a pretty terrible last month, though I’m still crushing those reading goals! Since I’m taking the month off from actual creative things, here’s what I have on my plate for December.

December 2018 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Lose those extra seven pounds
  • apply for the new apartment
  • close all my activity rings every single day
  • cut my hair
  • get my car inspected

Career and Money Goals

  • Save $700
  • One Job Interview
  • Keep paying bills ahead of schedule
  • Earn your incentive again

Books to Read

  • Devoted in Death
  • Brotherhood in Death
  • Apprentice in Death
  • Echoes in Death
  • Secrets in Death
  • Dark in Death
  • Leverage in Death

After I read all these, I’ll be done with the series!

Laura Teagan Goals

  • Organize Evernote database
  • Set up stats tracker for Laura Teagan’s website
  • New Autoresponder series
  • Start going through “Ads for Authors” course I bought two and a half years ago
  • Instagram calendar
  • Content Calendar for Laura Teagan
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Mailing list
  • Tailwind pins for Q1
  • Update Landing pages on website

I told y’all there were a lot of administrative goals on this list.

Ginger & Co. Goals

  • 11 blog posts (all those end of the year recaps)
  • update SmarterQueue for 2019
  • Tailwind pins for Q1
  • Content Calendar for Q1
  • Content Upgrades and Opt-ins
  • update sign-up and landing pages
  • update contributor posts and pages
  • start updating old posts again, specifically images for July and June 2015

I know there are more goals this month than usual, but since so many of there are quick tasks, I’m hoping I actually get some of these done, yeah? A girl can dream!

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