Getting Over Overtime

There was no new post on Wednesday for a couple reasons, though one specific reason: overtime. I can’t say it outright, but I’ll say I work at a tech company with a major launch this past weekend and they offered overtime. And I took all the overtime hours possible, and today I want to talk about how to stay alive when you work overtime.

Getting Over Overtime

Now, you need to realize there are very specific laws in regards to overtime like you can’t be on the clock for more than 12 hours. That being said, if you’re like me with unpaid lunches, you’ll be there longer. So, let’s talk about a few things you can do to make sure you don’t burn out during overtime.

1. Get Some Sleep and Take it Easy

I knew Friday (which is the start of my work week) that I’d be doing overtime Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. So Friday night, I took it easy. Finished a TV show on Netflix (Mindhunter, which is soooooo good), and went to bed early. I wake up anywhere between 5:15-5:40 in the morning to get to work, so I have to go to bed early since I can’t sleep in.

If you know beforehand that you’re working overtime, give your body the extra fuel (aka sleep) so you can get through the long hours.

2. Plan Ahead and Bring the Snacks

Especially if you’re like me and working the max amount of overtime hours offered, you’re going to be at work for a long time. If you have the time beforehand, run to the grocery store and grab some snacks – focus on protein-based snacks (like greek yogurt or jerky, or even eggs if they don’t smell). Protein will keep you full, and you don’t want to be distracted from work because you’re so hungry.

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3. Take Breaks

At my job, when you take over time, they build in extra breaks. Since I was coming in at 6:30 in the morning and leaving at 8 at night, I never got to see the sun. I made sure that during at least one break, I’d go outside and soak up some Vitamin D. When you’re at work more of your day than you’re at home, you need to put some space between you and work, even just for a few minutes.

During your break, take a walk, get some water, just get away from your desk.

4. Remember It’s Only Temporary

Overtime should not be permanent, in fact, it can’t be. When you’re stuck in the middle of overtime, feeling slow and tired and wondering if you’ll make it, remember, you’ll get to the end of overtime before you know it. Don’t try to push yourself outside of work, give your body what it needs while you’re working – whether that’s extra sleep at night or just food or water. Listen to your body and give yourself what you need in the chaos.

And when overtime gets really hard, just remember…

5. Your Bank Account will be Happy

My dad is talking when I say you should definitely save most of your overtime money. But have a little fun with some of it, too, you worked for it! I specifically took overtime this past weekend because all that overtime money will hit my bank account next Friday, which just happens to be my birthday. I’m going on a trip for my birthday, so I’ll for sure take the extra money on my birthday!

Either way, if you take overtime time, you’re gonna be over it by the time you’re done. And that’s okay, it’s getting through the storm that counts.


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