As a creative entrepreneur with a slight obsession for organizing, most of my organization comes with the help of apps. I love a good set of colored pens (g2 Pilots are a must), but as I go paperless this year, I’m leaning more and more on a variety of apps. You know my love of Evernote, but today I want to talk about another app: Trello. And How I use Trello in my job search.

How I Use Trello in My Job Search

While I know so many people who use Trello for everything, to be honest, I don’t use Trello as much as I could. I don’t really meal plan, I use Evernote for my content calendar, and I use Todoist to plan out tasks in my day-to-day life. I might try using it to plan a few things for the blog in the future, but for now, I use it pretty exclusively for job hunting, but it works perfectly.

With Trello, I actually use a few other apps and websites, including Linkedin Jobs and Indeed. Trello allows me to import job listings from any website and have them all in one spot, like a dashboard.

I typically look for job listings when I’m out and about but bored. If I’m stuck in a line at the grocery store or simply bored in my house. I’ll pull up the Linkedin Job App and begin looking through my custom filters that I’ve set up.

When I find a job that I need to apply for on my computer (and not on my phone), I’ll click on the job description. You’ll see the basics of the page here. In the top right-hand corner, you’ll see the little box with the arrow. That’s the “share” symbol for Apple products, so I click on it and it’ll give me a list of apps to share the listing to (psst! Check below for a video that shows you a step-by-step version of how I do this on my phone).

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I have to scroll over to Trello, but when I click the icon I can pick what board and what list to sync to. When you’re done with this, be sure to open the Trello app so you can sync it over the internet and pull it up on your computer.

I have a few specific lists that I use:

-Current Openings
-Applied/In Process

These are pretty self-explanatory, right? (Also, writing this post motivated me to clean up the board a little bit because it needed some spring cleaning).

There’s something rather satisfying about moving a card across the screen that I love. From Current Openings to Interviews, it’s fun to watch.

While I love Evernote, I think Trello has the upper hand in a situation like this because I’m able to see the whole big picture. The specific board just for the job listings allows me to focus solely on that. Because I can look for jobs on Linkedin and Indeed on my phone while I’m doing other things, that saves me time when I get to the computer – I already have the jobs I’m looking to apply for instead of spending time looking for the jobs (I also feel that finding job listings on Linkedin’s desktop site is a pain in the ass).

There have been a few adjustments made to this set-up, but I’ve actually used this Trello system to manage job listings since I was in college (that feels like a lifetime ago). I let it slide while I had a job, but even when I had a job and I knew I wanted something new, I picked it back up again.

Before I started using this set-up (and really to this day), I’m not figuring out what else to use Trello for. As I mentioned above, all the other things I can think of using it for, I have apps that work perfectly fine for me. But things change and I know if I need to change something, I can always expand my use in Trello.