How I’m Preparing My Blog for 2019

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2019 is only twenty-one days away! I’ve talked about how the time between my birthday and the new year always feels like a time to stop creativity and take a moment to relax, but this year, I’m using all this time to catch up on administrative things and prepare myself for the new year. Once I move into my new townhouse in January, I’m going to spend a lot more time being creative and I don’t want pesky things to be in the way. With 2019 just around the corner, here’s how I’m preparing my blog for 2019. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take some of these tasks and use them for your own blog.

How I'm Preparing My Blog for 2019

How I’m Preparing My Blog for 2019

1. Social Media

I’d say probably 95% of my social media is automated thanks to things like Tailwind and SmarterQueue. If it’s not automated, it’s scheduled out in advance, like Instagram posts. However, lately, I’ve really fallen back on keeping content fresh, just relying on SmarterQueue to share the same things over and over and over again. I probably went a month without any new pins on Pinterest that weren’t just blog posts I’ve written and I had a huge gap in Instagram posts.

This month, I’m changing all of that, tackling the first quarter. I almost have all my pins scheduled for quarter one. Every weekend, I’m adding a handful of blog posts I love from other bloggers to my SmarterQueue bank. Slowly, I’m making more and more quotes for Instagram, too.

I’m hoping once I get ahead on quarter one, I can sprinkle out these things more liberally in 2019. Maybe spend a day in January scheduling April content or May content in February. I want to use this cushion I’m building myself to really stay ahead so if something happens, my social media can do its job while I can’t.

2. a Content Calendar

I don’t anticipate that I’m going to write all of my quarter one content for the blog this month, but I’m definitely going to be planning ahead. Evergreen posts that have no specific season will probably be written in advance. In 2019, I want to move to a more general lifestyle aspect, to give myself the freedom to cover different areas that don’t always mesh together, like career and writing tips.

It’s the mega-planner in me, but I just feel so much better about having a content calendar together – even if I don’t stick with it.

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3. Content Upgrades

I’ve been so wishy-washy on content upgrades since I started blogging. Some of my more popular posts feature links for Evernote templates. Those are complicated and I spend a lot of time emailing people how to download them (even though I include directions). For 2019, I’m changing pace on my upgrades and will be creating those this month.

Content upgrades also include a potential new email series, and the updating of those I already have. I’m almost planning to redo some landing pages that have been collecting digital dust.

Over the next year, as I update posts, I’ll be adding the sign-up boxes to almost every post on this blog – that’s over 200 posts.

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4. Updating Posts

This is something I started in 2017, updating pictures in posts and making sure the links work. Some old posts had some funky characters in them, and I’m going through to cut them out. This month, I’m wanting to update July and June of 2015, and once I have those content upgrades, those will be something I will be adding to each post.

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5. Working on a new website

Earlier this year, I debuted a new Laura Teagan website and I really love it. Ginger & Co. turns five in January, and it’s time to get something new. I’m not sure what I’m wanting out of it all, but I am planning to make sure everything is rolled out by then. New landing pages, the content calendar is set, new templates in place, everything ready for this roll out.

While there are some smaller things I’m working on in the background, these are the big plans I have to make sure 2019 is a really fantastic year. 2018 felt like a solid year, in all aspects of my life. Now I want to build on that foundation and keep growing.

Tell me, how are you preparing your blog for 2019?