How to Pick the Perfect Planner for You

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Now that it’s almost November, Fall is really actually here (it’s been cold for two weeks in Austin, like, it’s actually fall) and I’ve got my mind turned to planners for 2019. Every year, I go through the process of picking my planner, though I have one for this upcoming year. I know not everyone snagged an eighteen-month planner back in August, so I want to talk about some key points on how to pick the perfect planner for you. 

How to Pick the Perfect Planner for You

How to Pick the Perfect Planner for You. 

When it comes to purchasing a planner, I’ll admit, I can get a little intense about it. I absolutely love it when friends ask me for planner recommendations. At the end of the day, you need a planner that will do its job for you – that will allow you to mark down everything you need.

1. Think about what You need out of your planner

When it comes to picking your planner, what do you need out of it? Are you looking for something simple that’ll keep your doctor’s appointments and bills? Are you needing something you want to see a look at your week? Or are you looking for a place where you can dump not only appointments but lists and t0-do items? Are you looking for something that lets you plan each and every day?

Knowing how often you want to use it and what you expect from your planner is a good first step on deciding what planner to use.

2. How Do you want it laid out?

Maybe you have a lot of meetings that change every week. So, you might want something broken up by the hour so you can write down your meetings every week. Or maybe you have so many meetings each week, you need each day to be its own page. Do you want your week to be broken in up in columns, vertical style, or maybe you like the traditional boxes of the horizontal boxes?

3. How do you want to decorate it? Or maybe you don’t?

Depending on what you use your planner for, you may get sucked into the life of decorating your planner. I know I have. Maybe you need something cool and professional. Do you want to be able to customize your planner or do you need something not-so-flexible?

I know it seems silly to ask all to these questions, but if you want to get the most out of your planner, you need to know when you’re going to use it and for what. Everyone’s needs are different. I carry my planner with me just about everywhere, while my mom leaves her’s on the kitchen counter.

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4. Think about your budget

You can find a planner for just about every price range out there. Also, remember, price does have some correlation to quality. Spending $60 on a Day Designer or an Erin Condren planner means you’re going to get a better cover, and usually, you get much better binding. Erin Condren’s spiral binding is by far the best in the business, and it lasts.

If you aren’t sure what you need first out of a planner, start something easy. You can get cute planners at Target for under $20, and while they don’t work for me (most are the horizontal planners and I think vertical), they’re great for getting started.

5. Give Yourself Some Time to Adjust

I’ve talked about how after four years, I recently left my beloved Day Designer because I no longer needed a new page every single day. While I may again at some point, right now, my life just doesn’t warrant the need for it. Switching to the Happy Planner (which I love in its own right) has been a bit of an adjustment. While I still believe in writing everything down, I have to remember that planners don’t make you productive, but they can help.

At the end of the day, finding a right planner can sometimes be a little bit of a process, but do your research and ask friends who have planners. I’m the queen of planner recommendations, and I say that knowing how many people I’ve recommended planners to. But if you need some general recommendations, here are some.

  • Looking for a daily planner because you need to write a lot down? Day Designer, all the way.
  • Looking for a weekly planner you can decorate and customize? Happy Planner
  • Need a weekly planner but don’t really care to decorate or it needs to be sturdy? Erin Condren
  • Not sure what you’re looking for yet? Start at Target and start exploring.

Planners should be there to help you, not make your life more complicated. But if you don’t have the right planner, you may end up doing just that. Thinking about what you need as the new year approaches will help make 2019 a more productive year (hopefully)!