I left the Day Designer

Writing that post title is hard, because as much as I don’t want it to be true, it is true. If you’ve followed this blog long enough, you know all about my love for my day designer. These planners are smart, brilliant, and sophisticated, which is something I feel like I strive for and never quite obtain. But as I’ve settled into my life at my new job, I realized it was time I left the day designer and change my productivity plan.

I Left My Day Designer

Over the last four years, I’ve used Day Designers every year except for my last semester of college. That semester, I had so many group projects, I wanted a planner that showed more of a weekly layout than a daily one. That semester, I picked up a Happy Planner, not quite sure what it was, but knowing it worked with my discbound system.

I grabbed my first Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby, back when that was the only place you could buy it in stores. While I liked it, by the time I graduated, I was back to my Day Designer. The Happy Planner is a fantastic planner and I recommended it to most people who asked about planners because it’s customizable and easy to decorate and have fun with (there are a lot of cute accessories).

Happy Planners were great, but I loved my Day Designer.

Until I started this job. There’s no downtime and I realized very quickly that I was not using my day designer anymore. In fact, I wasn’t even looking at it because I was just so exhausted every day. It felt like I was just wasting space and realizing that I was getting nothing done at all. I moved in with my grandparents again and the productivity level in my life just dropped. I was hardly bothering with opening Todoist anymore either.

I knew I needed a shakeup, especially after a really bad bout of depression at the beginning of August. So I put my Todoist on vacation mode where my lack of productivity didn’t count against my Karma points (it is still on vacation mode) and I bought myself a Happy Planner.

So far, I feel so much better about not using my planner day-by-day, because my life has gotten boring y’all. I wake up, go to work, come home, read and go to sleep. I don’t even watch TV because the wifi in my grandparents’ house doesn’t reach my bedroom very well so streaming is a nightmare. Last week, I fell asleep by 10:30 two nights in a row (including Friday) and realized that the lack of creativity in my life lately has left me exhausted.

And I’m a big believer that when creativity is nowhere to be seen, you have to make it yourself, sometimes with a big shakeup in life. So while leaving one planner behind for a different one may not seem like a lot, I’m hoping this is the start of a big change in my life.