I Lost Myself

The past forty-five days have been nothing short of challenging. I left a job full of people I loved, spent two weeks at my parents’ home where I had nothing really to do, and started a new job, all while learning that I’m moving again. Throughout all the changes, and the anticipation of more, I realized I lost myself along the way.

I Lost Myself

My mental health has been in the trash lately. The new job involves a lot of training, learning new products and new systems and we go so fast, it’s overwhelming at best. I’ve cried a lot, despite doing well on all the tests and benchmark activities.

I have three more weeks left of training before I go through a process to get certified. Once I’m certified, I go through more training because I’m lucky that way. I’m actually training to be able to do two jobs because I’ll have to do one sometimes.

Either way, it’s a lot to learn how to know and we’re going pretty fast. It’s pretty different from my previous job.

It’s hard to stay sane with so much going on. While I’ve gone crazy with inside, I’ve clung to my fiction to stay a little sane. I’ve almost finished a whole draft in two weeks, writing all the words.

While I was busy out living live, trying to keep it all together, I realized something – I’m not actually really on this blog. Yeah, I write all the content, yes, I share all the advice, but how often do you actually know what I do with my life?

Even though this is my blog, over the years, I’ve somehow managed to successfully cut myself out of it. Oops.

I want that to change though. I want to have these moments where I share things about my life – whether it’s my home (once I move), my weight loss, or more of just myself.

There’ll still be all the advice and nonsense like that, but I’m a human, I should finally indulge myself and talk about me a little more, right?

And maybe along the way of being more open, I’ll come around and find myself again. Because lately, it feels like I’m a little bit lost.