In My Backpack

What's in My Backpack

Now that I’ve been back in classes for a week, I figured this was a great time to give y’all a peek in my backpack. I know a lot of people (especially girls) like to carry sidebags, and if I only have one class that day, I may take a big purse, but 95% of the time, I’m carrying around my backpack. All of these things are things I consider crucial to helping me succeed throughout the day!


1.) Water Bottle: Um, I drink, like, a hundred ounces of water a day. I usually fill that water bottle up in between every class because I drink the whole thing during every class.

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2.) Chapstick (or an EOS egg): Like my water, I’m constantly checking to make sure I have chapstick. There’s nothing worse than sitting there with chapped lips that hurt and being able to do nothing!

3.) Plot Notebook: Yes, that’s a plot notebook for The Assassin series. You never know when you’ll get a great idea for a scene, so I always keep that in my backpack just in case inspiration hits.

4.) Wallet and Keys: Obviously, I don’t want to be locked out of my apartment, so I always bring my keys with me. The wallet is also nice in case I need to grab something on campus, like new pencils because I always lose my mechanical pencils.

5.) Phone and Headphones: I walk to campus, so plugging the headphones in and listening to music is always nice to make the time pass.

6.) Pencil Bag: Okay, so my pencil bag is two pencil bags in one, stuck together with velcro. It came that way. In one pocket, I have pens and pencils, multiple colors of pens and usually a roll of washi tape, just in case. The other one has highlighter markers, which are the best thing ever!

7.) Planner + Notebooks/Folders: Every class has a folder and notebook. In the morning, I grab the appropriate folder and notebook and toss them into my backpack, along with my Day Designer, which I am still totally obsessed with!

It seems like a lot of things to take to campus, but honestly, I use all of these things every day to stay organized and stay focused. Now I’m curious, what do you carry around in your backpack?