January Goals

It’s a big week here in Austin, at least for me. We just moved desks at work over the weekend, so I’m still readjusting to a new desk and later this week, I’m moving into my new house! I’m excited to have a new place (we’ll be the first people to live in the townhouse) and to have a desk again. I don’ t know how many times I harp on this, but not having a desk has really hurt my creativity.

Either way, y’all, I am so ready to kick this year off and get to work. I broke down my yearly goals last week, but today, I want to recap December 2018 and look specifically at this month!

January Goals

December was my “catch up and show up” month to take care of a lot of administrative details of both Ginger & Co. and Laura Teagan. I got a lot of those done, so I’m feeling pretty good. There were a lot of goals last month.


  • Lose those extra seven pounds – no joke, I lost five pounds between my birthday and Christmas! I might have gained all of those back during Christmas week though.
  • apply for the new apartment
  • close all my activity rings every single day – I missed two days at my parents’ house!
  • cut my hair a foot of hair gone!
  • get my car inspected


  • Save $700
  • One Job Interview
  • Keep paying bills ahead of schedule
  • Earn your incentive again


  • Devoted in Death
  • Brotherhood in Death
  • Apprentice in Death
  • Echoes in Death
  • Secrets in Death
  • Dark in Death
  • Leverage in Death

After I read all these, I’ll be done with the series!


  • Organize Evernote database
  • Set up stats tracker for Laura Teagan’s website
  • New Autoresponder series
  • Start going through “Ads for Authors” course I bought two and a half years ago
  • Instagram calendar
  • Content Calendar for Laura Teagan
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Mailing list
  • Tailwind pins for Q1
  • Update Landing pages on the website


  • 11 blog posts (all those end of the year recaps)
  • update SmarterQueue for 2019
  • Tailwind pins for Q1
  • Content Calendar for Q1
  • Content Upgrades and Opt-ins
  • update sign-up and landing pages
  • update contributor posts and pages
  • start updating old posts again, specifically images for July and June 2015

I did pretty good for the month, I’d say. Not everything was accomplished, but I had a pretty aggressive list of goals. January will feature changes to my job, a big move to a new place, and hopefully rewrite the book I’m working on.

January 2019 Goals

Personal Goals

  • lose five pounds
  • close your Activity rings every. single. day.
  • cancel your gym membership
  • join new gym closer to new place
  • move into your new place!

Career & Money Goals

  • Earn a top performer bonus
  • get sales trained
  • save $450
  • get to $2,000 in savings

Laura Teagan Goals

Writing Goals

  • Rewrite Airtime and Alibis
  • Get characters into Evernote
  • Write all the important Quarter One Content
  • Redo my autoresponders
  • Ads for Authors course
  • Book cover!
  • Build my 2019 reading lit
  • develop the 404 page for Laura Teagan
  • social media calendar

Reading Goals

  • The Couple Next Door
  • For Better and Worse
  • An Anonymous Girl

After the intense reading month I had in December, I’m taking a little of a detox from the crazy amount of reading I did and focusing on other things.

Ginger & Co. Goals

  • Write all the evergreen Quarter One content
  • New Design
  • Newsletter Calendar
  • Begin scheduling pins for April
  • Instagram Quotes for Q1

This is still a pretty ambitious list, and I’m really leaning into the hope that I’ll spend most nights up at my desk, not in bed. If I get most of this done, I will be so happy to start the year off right. Tell me, what are your goals this month?