July Goals

I’m back to doing the monthly goals because I realized that I focus more than I do with quarterly goals. Monthly goals mean I have to check in with myself more often than not, and I really need some personal responsibility this month. Starting with the fact that it’s literally a third into the month already and I haven’t even posted these.

July Goals

I’ll be honest, I’ve misfired on every cylinder so far this year. That’s a frustrating thing to admit, especially out loud (or on the internet). During the two weeks I wasn’t working, I took at look at my goals so far and what was important to get accomplished this year.

A lot of them were based on my pen name. That pen name and the books I write are what I want out of my life, more than anything right now. Which is why all those goals are so important to me.

Now, when I broke down my goals, I broke them down by month and quarter. I focused on each core quadrant of my life and set some ambitious goals for all of this. I guess now is the time I share those all.

July Goals

Personal Goals

  • lose some weight
  • quit spending money on vending at work (they have healthy snacks, I want to spend all the money)
  • organize the !ToFile notebook in Evernote
  • Go to the gym 13x this month (and that includes figuring out how to fit it in my new work schedule)
  • Save $400 (moving is expensive)

Career Goals

  • Continue with training
  • Certification?

Ginger & Co. Goals

  • New design
  • the remaining 2015 images for blog posts
  • write some Evergreen posts for when I don’t have other things to say
  • rebuild my newsletter

Laura Teagan Goals

Writing Goals

Reading Goals