Laura Teagan

Well, hello October! I can’t believe there’s only three months (if you count this month) in the year. So many changes are happening in my life right now, some are a natural transition in life, and some are changes I’m creating and causing. It’s awfully exciting.

More About Laura Teagan

Back in August, I wrote a post about pen names, and then kind of dropped at the end that I was adopting a pen name. Since then, there’s been a few questions, so I wanted to take some time to talk about what brought on the pen name, after eight years of attaching my name to my book.

The biggest reason? My last name.

The second biggest reason? Seperation between the “Ginger &” Brand and my author brand. For a long time, I tried to hold them together, but they just didn’t work.

Ginger & Books is in a unique position because it’s a blog about writing, but it’s stsill in the “Ginger &” brand. If there’s anything that bridges Ginger & with Laura Teagan, it’s this blog.

When I decided to adopt the pen name, I stuck it to my books, but not my blog, and that’s okay. I’m not making it a big secret that Laura Toeniskoetter and Laura Teagan are the same person. But it’ll be a lot easier for people to find Laura Teagan on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, than it would be to find Laura Toeniskoetter (even I forget how to spell it every now and then – I blame thyroid brain). It’s part of a marketing strategy, having a name that people can at least guess on spelling.

I wasn’t worried about changing my name on the blogs because typically, people aren’t finding Ginger & Co. or Ginger & Books by searching for Laura Toeniskoetter. People find the blogs by searching for the blogs.

Hopefully, people will find the book(s) eventually because they are a fan of the author, Laura Teagan. The Ginger & brand is a brand built on the content, and almot the persona. Not to say that my books won’t be built on content, but the person and the name feel much more in the front for my author brand.

Splitting these two major things in my life is hard, I run two social media accounts for everthing, because I’m trying to keep them separate, as much as they sometimes run together. But, in essence, Laura Teagan is Laura Toeniskoetter.

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