Life in ATX: A New Series

Happy May, y’all! The first week of May is always a joyous one in my life. Tomorrow is my little brother’s 22nd birthday (he’s really not that little) and today marks two years since I moved to Austin. In the time since I’ve moved here, I’ve fallen in love with the city more and more every day. Since everyone and their mom is moving to Austin these days (except my mom, though she grew up here), I thought it would be fun to spend the month sharing some of my favorite spots in town.

Life in ATX

Over the next four weeks, I’ll break down my favorite places from bars to bookstores and so many other things in between.

As much as I love Austin, the whole time hasn’t been cheery. My first job was nothing short of a disaster, followed by seven months of unemployment. With my contract coming to the last 40-some odd days, I’m beginning to freak out because I have nothing in the pipeline for jobs yet.

Austin is the first place I’ve really lived on my own, the first place I’ve been an adult. I love the culture, the weird little places you can find, and I just love this town so much more than I ever thought I would.

Having spent the first twenty-two years of my life coming to visit my family here, always finding myself bored (unless we went to a movie), it’s not lost on me how funny it is that I love it. It’s still funny to my mom that I fell in love with this town.

Austin, you have a huge chunk of my heart and you always will. While I don’t know what to expect in the next year, or the next two years, if I ever leave, I’m leaving a part of my heart.

Austin, you’re the best.