Life in ATX: My Favorite Coffee Shops

‘In the two years that I’ve been in Austin, I’ve spent a lot of time at coffee shops. The first four months I lived here, I was at my grandparents and didn’t have a dedicated writing space. So I worked in coffee shops and Austin has plenty of them. For this week, I’m sharing my favorite coffee shops in Austin.

If you’ve never been to Austin, there are hundreds of coffee shops and while I haven’t been to all of them, I’ve been to quite a few.

My Favorite Coffee Shops in ATX

My Favorite Coffee Shops in Austin

I’m ranking these in reverse chronological order, with one being my favorite.

4. Epoch Coffee on Anderson Lane

This was the first coffee shop I went to when I moved to Austin and I actually drive past it all the time on the way to the gym. The first few months, I was here every weekend and I was putting down the word counts like they were going out of style. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been here in probably a year because I have other ones I prefer but since this was the first one, it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

3. Bennu Coffee

I’ve only been to Bennu once, but this is Sarah’s favorite place to go. It’s a little too far south for me, but the one time I went I was pretty impressed. Lots of seats and the vibe was great and people were nice. The tables here are giant and there is a lot of space. If I lived closer, I’d probably go more often but it’s not close.

2. Monkey Nest Coffee

When I was unemployed last year, I came here a lot because it was so close to my house, it took three minutes to walk to. I live a bit farther away now, but I finished drafts here, finalized book covers, wrote some bad ass blog posts, and spent a lot of hours hunched over a table here. It’s a tiny, but popular. You have to go pretty early, but Monkey Nest is open 24/7 and I pulled a few late nights here when I first started my job and didn’t go to sleep until 4 a.m. (Ah, those were the days).

1. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Y’all, this place is so Instagram worthy. Case in point below.

This might be my favorite place in Austin.

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This one has a lot of outdoor seating and it sits on Lake Austin. I’ve finished many books here and it is always so nice to get some fresh air. The sunshine always made feel more productive and who doesn’t love some Vitamin D? The only problem is that it is on the Lake, the parking is far away, and the weekends are hard to get space for. It is still my favorite coffee shop, that’s for sure.

Honorable Mention: Starbucks

I know. Starbucks is not an Austin coffee shop. But, the reason I add it here is that┬áStarbucks helped this girl out for six months while she worked the early shift. I’m not an early morning person, and none of the other coffee shops were on my way to work or open. So Starbucks got me through a lot of 7 A.m. “I should be asleep” calls. Also mobile ordering for the win. It’s not my favorite, but it’s the most convenient with work and that makes it worth the list.

Now I don’t go to coffee shops all that often anymore (my remote workplace of choice is the Downtown Library as of late), but all of these have been fantastic places where I’ve gotten shit done. Well, besides Starbucks. That just helped me survive.