Howdy, and welcome to Ginger & Co. I’m Laura, a born and bred Texan spending my mid-twenties in the most un-Texas place of all – Austin, Texas.

Ginger & Co. started as a way to document my ongoing mental health, but it quickly became a place to just document life and dish out some humorous, unsolicited advice about college and publishing.

Since starting in 2014, a lot has changed for the blog and for myself. I graduated college, published two novels, moved from Huntsville, Texas (home of the state’s Death Row Chamber and Sam Houston State University – my alma mater), back to the DFW area and finally to Austin.

I started an advertising career in politics and somehow ended up teaching people how to use iPhones and now I do sales and support for a technology company. With all the changes in life, I’m a real expert on how to swing with the changes even when you hate them.

Now, outside of my job, you’ll find me hustling to lose weight (literally) and working on five novels I’m hoping to release this year.


You can dive back into the archives for tips on college (or visit The Best Of post), a quarterly recap of my reading, career advice – like interview techniques. You’ll also find monthly goals and stories of the struggles of online dating.



Founded in 2014 as A Bit Stronger, Ginger & Co. has grown to become a spot for real, humorous advice on life. Brought to you by a ginger with a knack for freak accidents, Ginger & Co. is here to help women in their twenties buckle up and do this #adulting thing.

The blog has worked with major brands like Amazon, Walmart, and Tyson to name a few, boasts a social media following of 15,000 people and averages 7,500-10,000 page views a month.

For rates and information on working with Ginger & Co., please contact us here.

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