My Favorite Places for Plus-Size Clothing

Over the past year or so, as I’ve lost some weight, I’ve found new confidence to appreciate my body – all of it, the blemishes, the rolls, the strength it carries and everything in between. While I’m losing weight, I’m still considered plus size at a size 16. That’s down from a size 20 at my heaviest point in late 2016. Since I’m still considered a plus size, I’ve found that there aren’t many places to find good clothing for me, but I wanted to share my favorite places for plus-size clothing.

My Favorite Places for Plus-Size Clothing

These aren’t really in any particular order.

My Favorite Places for Plus Size Clothing

1. Old Navy

I don’t shop at Old Navy as much as I used to, but when I did go, they had cute, inexpensive clothing. Old Navy is usually the last place I go to if I’m looking for something, but I still appreciate that they carry plus size clothing.

2. Torrid

Torrid is a plus-size store that’s really aimed at women in their twenties. I don’t wear a lot of cute blouses or professional clothes (my job lets me wear tennis shoes and t-shirts every day), but when I want something a little more feminine than what my current closet offers. In fact, you’ve seen some of Torrid’s clothing in some of my photos, like this gray one.

3. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is another place I don’t go to all that often, but I have my specific favorites from the store. I often walk in feeling like I’m too young because everything is definitely not aimed at a twenty-four-year-old. I will say though, their yoga pants are basically all I live in outside of work. They also have some pretty crazy sales if you want for them.

When my first set of yoga pants were starting to show some wear and tear, I got an email that was “buy one, get one free” on all their athletic gear. You know I scooped that up and got myself some new yoga pants. I don’t even do yoga, but I wear these to the gym all the time and I wear them just running errands and around the house.

In addition to my favorite pants ever, Lane Bryant does have some pretty awesome suit pieces. The black slacks that I wear to interviews are from Lane Bryant, too.

4. Dressbarn

Dressbarn is a lot like Lane Bryant – I really have to dig to find things I like, and they’re a little expensive for my tastes, but I have found some cute things there. If I need a dress, I’ll definitely run there because Dressbarn is on my way to work.

5. Target

If you know me, you know I love Target and probably close to 75% of what I wear is from Target. In the past few years, they’ve really built in some plus-size friendly brands. The introduction of Ava & Viv was a huge game changer for me because I could afford clothes I liked that actually fit me. Ava & Viv’s V-Neck tee is basically the only shirt I wear. I own in it about twelve different styles because it’s just so comfy.

While the V-Neck tees are my favorite, I’ve also caught some cute blouses like the navy three-quarters sleeve I have in my profile picture. Also, I only buy jeans from Target cause I’m cheap.

I do want to say that I’m in no way a fashionista, so while my notes are super in-depth, that’s because I know what I like, and I also know where to go when I’m looking for something specific. All of these places are places I know I can find things that will fit me, which is something I find to be important.

With so much negativity around size and being “plus-size,” it’s important to find clothes that fit and you feel comfortable in.