November Goals

Happy All Saints Day! You know, if you’re Catholic. If you aren’t, happy November 1st. The new month is here and I’ve spent the past few days so grateful to live in Texas as Summer gets her revenge and we enjoy 80 degree days. Most of October was cold and rainy, and looking back at my month, oh my gosh, y’all, the weather really got to me.

November Goals

I think it’s no surprise that I’m a little biased toward November, given that we have Thanksgiving and my birthday is the weekend beforehand. Something else I get to enjoy this year?  A paid day off for my birthday, so I’m aiming to get a three-day weekend followed by a four-day weekend. Will I actually get any work done this month? Only time will tell.

While I would also love to publish my little novel, I’m thinking it might not happen until December. The biggest hiccup is my book cover, those things are hard. I’m putting that off as long as I can, let’s be real.

October feels like a blur, an emotional blur as I traveled one weekend, saw the Austin water boil notice happen for a week, and saw potential relationships just sputter out (well, correct, they’re still sputtering out, but I think the moment has been lost, unfortunately).

That being said, knowing how bad month was, let’s take a look at the past month.

October Goals


  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Christmas gifts (for real this time)
  • Dad’s birthday gift
  • Go to College Station for Special Olympics Fall Classic
  • Finish the website


  • eight blog posts (and I have all of them already planned)
  • Relaunch newsletter with opt-in
  • Create Instagram quotes for the remainder of the year
  • Schedule pins for the rest of 2018
  • Launch a new Facebook group


  • edit Airtime and Alibis
  • Book cover
  • Airtime and Alibis gets organized in Evernote
  • Betrayals and Bylines?


  • Finish Fantasy in Death
  • Indulgence in Death
  • Sweet Little Lies
  • Treachery in Death
  • New York to Dallas
  • Celebrity in Death


  • Earn the Monthly Incentive
  • Save $600
  • Get one job interview
  • go to a networking event


I just failed as a human being last month, I know, it’s bad. If it weren’t bad enough, I’ve gone way extreme on this month and I’m going to have to make use of every single moment I can between reading, editing, and blogging. Things like my personal website? They’re gonna have to wait until either a weekend or once this book is done.

I’ve cut back significantly on blogging goals this month as I really lean into Laura Teagan and everything she has going on. So what do I have going on? All the things.

November 2018 Goals

Personal Goals

  • get to 220 pounds (so about eight pounds to lose, and no, I can’t believe I’m putting my weight on the internet either)
  • Christmas gifts
  • Go home for Thanksgiving
  • Cut my hair and donate it
  • Gym 10 times

Ginger & Co. Goals

  • 10 posts
  • Opt-ins for all my major categories (I already have one for blogging posts and writing posts)
  • Relaunch newsletter and figure out what to do with it

Laura Teagan Goals

  • finish edits on Airtime and Alibis
  • a book cover
  • do a solid read through
  • start rewrites on Betrayal and Bylines
  • characters need to be all added to Evernote
  • grow mailing list to 30 people (it’s so little)
  • Instagram calendar for the rest of 2018

Reading Goals

  • The Lies We Told
  • Thankless in Death
  • Concealed in Death
  • Festive in Death
  • Look-Alive Twenty-Five
  • Obsession in Death

Career and Money Goals

  • Birthday PTO
  • Save $700
  • Get ahead on bill payments
  • Earn the incentive
  • at least one job interview

I’ve started writing all my goals in my planner, and I want to make sure I check in every day to make sure I made progress on something, every day. That’s the only way I survive this month. What are your goals for November?