October 2018 Goals

October is here and you’d think that would mean cooler weather, right? Not in Austin! While September was cool because it rained all month, this week we’re seeing highs in the nineties. It’s revenge of the summer in October. I’m okay with this cause this human popsicle does not like cold weather.

With the new month and the new quarter, I’m trying to reset and focus on now until the end of the year. A big thing on the plans? Publishing a story.

Yes, I’m going to be publishing a short story-turned-novel! I’ll be sharing more details in the next few weeks, but that is by far my biggest focus of the remaining months in 2018. Before I jump into my October goals, I want to take a look back at September.

October 2018 Goals


September Goals


  • Lose ten pounds – I lost six pounds, does that count? Yes, yes it does.
  • Go to the gym at least 10x times
  • Start buying Christmas presents
  • Go on (another) date Another date that was “one and done.”
  • Really finish out my personal website


  • Save $600
  • Earn the monthly incentive
  • Job interviews(?)
  • Start taking on freelance clients


  • At least two blog posts a week (y’all, I actually have some kind of a schedule right now)
  • 5,000 page views
  • update my SmarterQueue account
  • Restart my newsletter

I got none of these done. Oops.


  • Finish Airtime and Alibis this upcoming weekend finished this past weekend because people kept coming into town and I spent every other weekend last month sick.
  • The second draft of B&B
  • Move all of Airtime and Alibis into Notion
  • Take pictures for book covers


I read all these books!

Okay, so clearly, I’m killing it on the reading goals. I read all of those plus another one my book series, Kindred in Death. Seven books is pretty good, right? While I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the whole book series by the end of the year, I only have 17 books left. If I’m reading five of them a month, I can probably finish it, right? I’ll be close.

So what’s on my agenda for October?

October 2018 Goals

Personal Goals

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Christmas gifts (for real this time)
  • Dad’s birthday gift
  • Go to College Station for Special Olympics Fall Classic
  • Finish the LauraToeniskoetter.com website

Ginger & Co. Goals

  • eight blog posts (and I have all of them already planned)
  • Relaunch newsletter with opt-in
  • Create Instagram quotes for the remainder of the year
  • Schedule pins for the rest of 2018
  • Launch a new Facebook group

Laura Teagan Goals

  • edit Airtime and Alibis
  • Book cover
  • Airtime and Alibis gets organized in Evernote
  • Betrayals and Bylines?

Reading Goals

  • Finish Fantasy in Death
  • Indulgence in Death
  • Sweet Little Lies
  • Treachery in Death
  • New York to Dallas
  • Celebrity in Death

Career and Money Goals

  • Earn the Monthly Incentive
  • Save $600
  • Get one job interview
  • go to a networking event

So, basically expect that I will never, ever sleep this month, all right? Because I don’t think I’m going to get much! Fun fact, I average about four and a half to five hours of sleep a night. Until Saturday when I get ten. #themoreyouknow

Tell me, what are your goals for this month?