TGBT: Starting a Blog

Today is the first real day of the blogging series! And with everything in life, we must start at the very beginning (a very good place to start! [You know you just sang along with that!]). You can’t take any blog advice…

Staying on Top of Things

I’m a do-it-all. Ask anyone in my life and most of them will be in awe of how much I do in a day. Everyone always wants to know my secret and honestly, the only secret I have is plan…

Howdy, I'm Laura, and welcome to ginger and co., a blog dedicated to this weird adulting thing and all the humorous disasters we can make in the process.

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Woman, Strong

Yesterday, I read this interview article with Selena Gomez. She talked briefly about how being a strong woman can be a problem when it comes to dating. And I can totally relate. I’ve fought depression. I’ve lived with a special…

Read my book

Read my book


Howdy, I’m Laura. I’m the 20 year-old award winning author, ex (semi) professional photographer, student assistant for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Senior Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, full time college kid. Wow, ok, that’s a lot. But, what can I…