Q2 Goals (+ What to Expect Now)

Welcome to the new Ginger & Co.! I feel like I say that a lot, but over the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on this project. I’ll get into this more next week, but you’ll now see a more focused Ginger & Co.

Quarter Two Goals

One thing that will change is my goals! For almost three years now, I’ve done monthly goals. Starting now, I’ll be doing quarterly goals instead of monthly goals. I’ll also be doing quarterly goals on Laura Teagan that are more in depth for my writing and reading goals. While I love the goals (they keep me accountable), every month felt like filler content.

I’ll also be cutting back on blog posts in general, but I’m hoping to make them longer and more in-depth.

So, we’ll stick with something we know today and break down some goals.

First, I do want to break down my goals for the month of March.


I think we all know these by now


-Finish short story draft by Wednesday the 8th.
-Finish the first draft of Hit List by the end of the month
Hit List’s cover
-begin planning Justice & Lies edits


-build up the email list
-brainstorm some more content
-keep working on that social media schedule


-write all the March content this weekend
-restructure social media schedule
-work on the super secret project
-launch a new email series
-figure out Q2 goals and posts


-organize your “!toFile” inbox in Evernote
-scan documents you need to get into Evernote

Well I kind of failed at almost everything, oops. Okay, I shouldn’t say I failed. On almost everything, I made significant progress. I just never quite finished.

For instance, on the short story I was working on for Laura Teagan – I decided the day i wanted the story done that it wasn’t working out and cancelled the project all together. So while it wasn’t the answer I was looking for, I feel confident and comfortable in my decision to shelf the project.

Hit List is going along well, just not as fast as I want it to. I’m trying to close a lot of plot lines and that can be difficult while keeping a book fresh and exciting with a few surprises (like, super surprises). So given everything I’m trying to balance, it’s taking me a little bit longer to work on the project. There’s more for me to chew.

As far as other Laura Teagan things, didn’t even get anywhere close to those. Q2 goals!

For the blog, I’m still working on my super secret project, but I’m also excited to be launching the resource library today! Whoop whoop! You’ll need to be a subscriber to The Company, but you’ll find workbooks, templates (exclusive ones)  and other fun things. Sign up here.

In January and February I was super dedicated to organizing my Evernote account and keeping up with it, but in March, I slacked off, big time.

So I’m farther behind that I was.

For quarter two, I want to focus on launching my super secret project (so actually working on it) for the month of April, finishing this draft of Hit List this month, and then starting edits on Justice & Lies in May.



-Finish the draft of Hit List by April 15
-finalize cover for Justice & Lies
-finalize cover for Hit List
-begin planning the edits for Justice & Lies
-start Justice & Lies edits in May
-start edits on Hit List by the end of June


-make a content plan already (this is a work in progress)
-write all the content for it in a week
-email plan, too!
-finish social media schedule


-Launch :The Starter’s Guide to Evernote” today! You can sign up here!
-write all my content in the first week for Q2
-plan content for Q3
-launch the secret project
-come up with a calendar for emails (I tend to do these on the whim)
-continue growing the email list


-Continue losing weight (I’ve lost 13 pounds in two months, so I’m feeling optimistic)
-get my whole “!ToFile” binder organized in Evernote
-scan all my documents piling up in my little inbox
-set up my new Evernote Kits from Simplify Days, specifically for the car (my car is old)

In 2017, I’ve started this process where I print out my goals and stick them on the wall in my room. I put a copy in my bed and another copy on the wall by my desk, so it sits right behind the computer. While the effectiveness of this process is still up for debate, I think about my goals more because I see them.

Tell me, what are your goals for this month or for this quarter?