Quarter Four Goals

It may be October y’all, but it’s still pretty hot here in Texas. Though we are supposed to get a cold front this week, so yay for that. As someone who is usually cold, I love living in Texas, but in October, there are certain expectations you have for your weather. That being said, October is also the beginning of the final quarter of the year and it’s boggling my mind.

Quarter 4 Goals

Looking back at Quarter 3, I definitely did not anticipate anything life gave me. I finally found a good schedule for work and sleep and going to the gym, but I’m still trying to make use of those few hours in between it all where I have the free time to be creative.

It also amazes me how fast my work week goes. I work Friday-Tuesday, so my week is broken up in a really nice way – I come back just as everyone leaves for the weekend, they’re gone for two days, and when everyone else comes back for the beginning of the week – mine is almost over. I love the breakup of it, and it takes away from the boringness of working week after week.

Over the past few months, I’ve also been reading a lot of books. As a writer, this is so important and I love diving into a book. For the most part, I feel like I’m in a really good spot in my life – minus my creativity still being subpar at best.

Either way, let’s break down my goals for the third quarter.


-Figure out what this story is doing. I realized I’ve written Justice & Lies three separate times and it’s kind of been a mess every time. So I gotta figure out this mess.
-Rewrite/edit it
-Plan for NanoWriMo! My original goal was to do a stand-alone book, but now I might do something in my book series.


-Continue developing other content
-Begin dabbling in Facebook ads
-social media schedule
-maybe a cover release or two


-new editorial calendar that is a little more flexible
-Open up to new guest posts!
-Figure out what I want from blogging. It’s been muddled lately and I’m hoping having a job where I have to focus on other things for a while will give me a little clarity.


-Lose 20 pounds over the quarter. I’m going half and half on this one. I didn’t lose 20 pounds this quarter, but i lost enough weight to say I’ve lost 30 pounds this year all together and that in and of itself is a HUGE accomplishment.
-Figure out when I’m going to the gym with my new schedule (I go at 4 AM)

So, in the middle of the third quarter, I took a major break from blogging, which I definitely needed. That being said, I haven’t done a lot of blogging stuff outside of actually writing posts. But the year is ending, so it’s time to get everything done for the year! Because procrastination is great, right, y’all?

Quarter Four Goals

LAURA Teagan Books

-Finish Hit List rewrites and edits
-Take a break from Cassie Morgan and her friends
-write a short story
-plan out my calendar for 2018 (can’t believe I’m thinking about that already)
-and if time permits, go back to Justice & Lies one more time

Laura Teagan Housekeeping

-social media schedule (I’m breaking this up on a monthly basis, so I just want to keep doing it)
-actual website content (I do this every quarter as a goal and never actually do any of it)
-actual cover reveals? Maybe at the end of the year


-update my resume, because I just should.

Ginger & Co.

-do some batch content work!
-apply for some guest posts on other websites
-actually work on a course
-get a newsletter plan
-plan out for 2018


-keep waking up at least one day a week to go to the gym in the morning
-lose 20 pounds for the quarter to put myself at 50 pounds for the year (in December, I’m planning a post about my weight loss)
-Get to 50,000 Karma points on Todoist, just to see if I can
-actually work on that paperless goal, cause I’m almost out of time for that

The end of the year will be here upon us soon y’all. How are you planning to end your year?