Read and Recharge – November

Read and Recharge is a monthly series where I can share some of my favorite online reads. You can view previous versions of Read and Recharge here. This post contains affiliate links, which help support Ginger & Co.

Y’all, November was a fun month. Between all the time off I had for the holidays and my birthday weekend, I felt a lot of love this month. My heart overflowth, that’s how it goes right? While I’ve decided to take a break from being Laura Teagan and will not be publishing my new story this year, I still love reading. I’m hoping I can spend the rest of the year reading my heart out and just relaxing before I jump into 2019.

Read and Recharge November 2018

So, what have I been reading this month?

Books on My Shelf

Links I Love

  • The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Student Loan Debt by GenTwenty – for real, who doesn’t have student loan debt? A necessary evil for most millennials, this post is a great resource for tackling some of it.
  • The Jewelry I Wear Every day by Lovely Indeed – I know I have some staple pieces I wear all the time, and I wear those pieces for reasons close to my heart. Seeing the stories behind someone else’s favorite pieces is just a fun little way to connect with people on the internet.
  • 28 Things I’m Grateful For at 28 by Rachel Lately – Rachel is a blogger I found here in Austin and while we’ve never met, I think she’s pretty rad for living in Austin. I love that she takes the time to reflect on her life and to be grateful.
  • Real Talk: How I’m Beating the Holiday Blues by Girl with Curves – Living away from home, and finally coming back two years later to finally celebrate a holiday with my immediate family – I know how hard the holiday blues can be. Mental health is so important for everyone and the holidays can knock you over like a ton of bricks (or Christmas trees).
  • 5 Holiday Self-Care Tips by GenTwenty – another fantastic post if you’re struggling during this time.
  • My Secret Weapon for an Ideal Workday by – who doesn’t want an ideal workday? I know I’m a sucker for piling on the to-dos and not actually getting them done.
  • 3 Common Mistakes People Make When Writing Website Copy by Fancy Girl Design Studios – It’s been a while since I’ve written copy professionally, so I’ll admit I’m a tad rusty. One of my goals in 2019 is to actually take on a few freelance clients and this is a fantastic resource.
  • 5 Outdated Blogging Tactics You Should Avoid by Wonder Forest – I’ve been blogging for a long time now and there are definitely plenty of old-outdated posts that still get passed around on social media (see all my college posts). Stay aware and know what’s relevant.

Tell me, what did you read during the month of November? Loving a blog post full of resources or did you fall in love with a book? Let me know in the comments or you can tag me on twitter @gingerandcoblog