I’ll be honest, out of the big social media platforms Instagram is probably my least favorite. I feel like I never have any cool photos to post, and when I first launched my Laura Teagan instagram account (and even to this day), I sometimes forget to post on it. Because that account is so specific (books and writing related), I’m having to come up with creative ways to share news. Either way, here’s what I’ve learned in the two months of having the Laura Teagan Instagram account.

Social Writer: Instagram

1. The Writer Community is super nice. Most of the people I’ve followed have followed me back and often like my photos. I feel like it’s much smaller and close-knit compared to the blogging community my blog account is involved with.

2. People Love Sneak Peeks of Your Writing. And I’m not talking just pictures of your manuscript or computer screen, though you can use those. If you look at my instagram account, the first three pictures are all looks at what I’m working on for the book. Laura Teagan on Instagram
3. Hashtags. Hashtags. A few of mine include book hashtags (#theassassinbook, #tabdoubleplayed), #writersofinstagram, and #amwriting. I know I need to add some more, and I fully intend to come back and make a whole list of them for later on.

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4. Don’t Be Afraid to be Proud. On my Ginger & Instagram account, I’ve always felt a little weird about sharing book news. Here, I’m able to brag a little about all the hard work the past eight years have brought. Yes, I shared the book cover on both accounts, but I keep most of the book stuff on this account.

5. Have Fun. If you’re like me, you may not always like Instagram, but you need to find a way to make it fun!