The Best of 2018

The new year is only four days away. It’s become a bit of tradition that the last post of the year is always the “best of.” Think of it as a greatest hits for the year of all the content I wrote.

Every month has two posts – the most popular post from Google Analytics and my personal favorite.

Until next year, I hope you have a fantastic end to 2018 and that 2019 starts off in the best way!

The Best of 2018

The Best of 2018

January 2018

Most Popular: The Mega List of 2018 Goals
Laura’s Favorite: 5 Ways to Stay Up to Date with What’s Going on in the World

February 2018

Most Popular: Getting Started with Evernote in 2018
Laura’s Favorite: Creating a New Character

March 2018

Most Popular: How to Readjust When You Miss Your Goal
Laura’s Favorite: The Guide to Asking Smart Questions in Your Interviews
Honorable Mention: 
Staying Alert when Shit Happens (the Austin Bomber story)

April 2018

Most Popular:  My Favorite Places for Plus Size Clothing
Laura’s Favorite: 5 Ways I Take Care of Myself for Under $10

May 2018

Most Popular: How I Use Todoist Templates
Laura’s Favorite: Life in ATX: a New Series

June 2018

Most Popular: Dressing for Your Job Interview
Laura’s Favorite: Outling from the End

July 2018

Most Popular: I Lost Myself
Laura’s Favorite: Reading Recap – Quarter Two

August 2018

Most Popular: The Best of the College PostsLaura’s Favorite: How I Fell in Love with the Gym

September 2018

Most Popular: I Left the Day Designer
Laura’s Favorite: Laura Tidbits: Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

October 2018

Most Popular: 7 Ways to Stay Safe with Online Dating
Laura’s Favorite: How to Pick the Perfect Planner for You
Honorable Mention: How to Stay Creative When You Aren’t a Creative Job

November 2018

Most Popular:The Women in Books, part one (Read Part Two Here)
Laura’s Favorites: 25 and My Quarter Life Crisis
Honorable Mention: Typos are Not the End of the World

December 2018

Most Popular: How I’m Preparing for 2019 as an Author
Laura’s Favorite: How I’m Preparing My Blog for 2019


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