The Best of the College Posts

I know it’s been almost three years since I graduated college, so I know a lot of things have changed. But today is a special day, because my little sister Amy starts her freshman year at Texas A&M. It’s hard to think of everything I’ve done since graduating college, but college was still such a big learning experience.

The Best of the College Posts

So while I can’t be there with my sister on her first day, I wrote a lot of posts about my first day. So I figured today was as good as any to recap some of my favorite posts from college.

1. Your First Day and Getting Started

  1. 5 Things for a Great First Day
  2. 1st Day of College Pack List 
  3. #GearUpforCollege with Office Depot
  4. The College Packing List of Everything You Probably Forgot
  5. In My Backpack

2. Tech in College

  1. 5 Apps Every College Student Needs
  2. 10 More Apps for College Students
  3. Using Evernote in College
  4. Onenote for College Students

3. Finals

  1. Finals Week Study Tips
  2. Six Tips to Survive Finals Week

4. Senior Year and Graduation

  1. My Last First Day
  2. Senior Semester
  3. Getting Your Finances Ready for Graduation
  4. Looking at Your Last Semester
  5. 5 Reasons You Need to Start Side-Hustling in College


So to Amy and anyone starting college for the first time, or even just a few year, good luck and I hope this is a great year for you!