Thoughts on an Election

Today, millions of people will go to their polling locations and cast a vote. As an American, I’m a firm believer that voting is one of the most important parts of our country. As someone who worked in politics, y’all, I’m ready for the election to be over. Just in time for the presidential race to start next week (I sincerely hope I’m wrong).

Thoughts on an Election

Having managed social media campaigns in the 2016 campaign for congressional candidates, I had a front-row seat to how social media has become so important to the election cycle. Since leaving politics, I’ve realized that I feel a little guilty for my part in it all – my tiny, silver of the pie. And since leaving politics, in the two years, I’ve realized just how much my political views have changed.

Anytime you open up Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen posts about “stupid liberals” or “those damn Trumpers” or whatever phrase you want to insert. Here’s the thing – knock it off. Everyone.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned what really makes me judge a person? Voted for Trump? Well, if you have legit reasons, like you’ve benefited from the strong economy, I get that. I also understand that human beings are complex and we’re never going to love someone 100%. You have to pick and choose your battles.

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Maybe you hate him because of his policies or the way he behaves himself (I liken him to a giant five-year-old), okay, that’s fine. But have a reason. Nowadays with so much news and access to information, there is no reason not to know your stuff.

I’ve learned that I’m never going to judge someone for who they support (well almost never), but for their ability to make a decision. I’m going to respect people who respect people, even if I don’t believe the same things you believe in. Dare I say that working politics make me more tolerable to other opinions? Yeah, it’s possible. ¬†Maybe even probable. I won’t tell you who to vote for – that does drive me crazy. I will say, if you haven’t voted yet, go. This is one of the greatest things you can do as an American. It’s the way you can see changes happen.

So happy Election Day, America. Make good. Vote informed.

Oh, and I’m totally ready for a split Congress – makes it more interesting that way!