How Trello has Become My Main Project Management Tool

It’s really funny how a few months can be enough time to basically change your whole productivity system. While I definitely believe in being organized, I’m also a creative so I like to throw caution to the wind and try new things. For months, I used Trello just for job searches, but now that’s different. Today I want to talk about how Trello has become my main project management tool. And why I love it.

How Trello Became My Main Management Tool

So backstory first.

Back in college, I had an internship at a tiny digital advertising agency where I was a project management intern. Well, I was the intern. Ever since then, I’ve had an interest in project management and with all my creative projects, I have a need for project management. Maybe it’s my years of writing books, but I tend to think of everything as a project.

Each blog post is a project, each book is a project. Everything is a project. Everything.

And while I love Todoist and Evernote (productivity tools are my favorite), neither one of them quite manages projects the way I want to. As a creative, I love visuals, and Todoist is pretty minimal. Evernote’s focus on a single note at a time makes it hard for me to focus on the big picture.

So why it took me so long to really try Trello, I don’t know. But I finally did. And it’s definitely changed my productivity.

A few weeks ago, I talked about Trello and my publishing, so check out this post for specifics for writers.

How Trello has Become My Main Project Management Tool

1. The Big Picture

As I mentioned before neither Todoist or Evernote really gives me the option to look at the big picture. When it comes to content planning, you need a big picture. Right now, I’m almost done with Orgnaization for Creatives, and I used Trello to plan out the whole e-book. This was great when it came to relying on content I’ve already published to outline it. While I still love notecards and sticky-notes for planning out books, I always end up moving my book outlines to a digital form so I can take it with me when I go work outside of the house.

Organization for Creatives e-book plan

Full disclosure, I’m pretty sure this template came from Hey Jessica, and you can find the post here.

2. The Ability to Add Resources When I Need Them

As you can see in the screengrab above, I link to a lot of old blog posts. Having these all on one screen is such a time saver. When saving notes into Evernote, there’s a lot of opening notes and going back and forth. Having them displayed this way is such a timesaver for me. Instead of having twenty bookmarks open, I have them all here, ready when I need them.

3. Lists and Lists and More Lists

There isn’t a certain way to really use Trello. As a lover of lists, I love that Trello allows me to see all the lists. I love being able to list down what I want to do with my days on a regular basis. I touched on it last week, but I have a board called “This Week” where I can plan my whole week out at once.

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4. Butler for Trello

Butler is an automation that works exclusively with Trello. So many of my boards have Butler enabled with a specific recipe. Once a task’s due date is within 7 days, Butler copies the card to my weekly board. Sunday, I go through and organize all the cards by day. At the end of the week, I clean up my other boards to make sure all my tasks that were due are marked as done. It’s a great way to stay accountable before the tasks and after I’ve completed it.

5. It’s Just so Flexible

I mean, the different ways you can use Trello are pretty impressive. I use it for editing books, planning newsletters, planning e-books for Ginger & Co., managing my week, my bucket list. I could go on and on about the different things I use it for. Because I haven’t been using it very long, it only has the information I need right now. I haven’t dumped a lot of unnecessary information into Trello like I have in Evernote.

Because it’s so flexible, don’t get afraid to get messy with it and have fun with Trello. Once I started really using it, I realized it was a tool that I didn’t realize I was missing.

And if you’re looking for a fantastic course on Trello, try Trello for Business from Think Creative Collective. Not an affiliate link, but it’s just that great of a course.