Using Evernote: The New Evernote Templates

I’m a few weeks late on this, but there has been a lot of news about Evernote lately. I’ll admit, a lot of it has not looked good. A brand refresh that seemed like they were goofing off instead of improving the product, staff changes, staff layoffs – none of that looks good. However, I’m hoping the worst is behind us because last week (or the week before), Evernote released an updated feature: templates!

Now, I will say, myself and others have made templates in the past. Evernote even had templates, but they were clunky and you had to duplicate the note and save an original and hope you still had it after the fact.

With this new update, you can add templates into a templates library and save them from anywhere. I want to talk about a few ways where this can be super useful for you in the future.

The New Evernote Templates Feature

1. More Productivity on Your Phone

The new templates allow you to insert them into a note from your phone. Last weekend, while I was in the long line at Ikea, I was able to add a bunch of templates to my library, from my phone. For a while now, I’ve wanted to create a personal template that I could use day-to-day, but using templates on my phone was kind of a pain.

Now, I may actually make that template.

2. Save Time on Things You Do Regularly

Whether it’s a blog post that you prepare for in Evernote or weekly meetings that you have, templates allow you to create and create and create. If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you know I feed off of this kind of productivity nut stuff – templates. I could see myself making a newsletter template so I constantly have newsletter ideas, because I am absolutely the worst at my newsletter.

When I first started blogging, the big thing was to get a cute blog planner. Except I never took it with me anywhere. Over the last year, I’ve begun creating a blog planner in Evernote, like a note where I track stats for my blog. Saving that as a template would make 2019 pretty easy.

I can also see myself using this to track things like my weight. While I love writing things down in my Happy Planner, I still like to keep a digital copy of everything. I don’t need to bring my planner to my dietician appointments (though I do for scheduling new appointments). Even just notes from a doctor’s visit. I’ve gone to doctors that talk right over my head. A template where I can record notes and then write down the important stuff to summarize it? That’d be pretty cool.

Really though, the place I use Evernote templates the most is with my writing.

3. Or Use Templates for the Things You Don’t Do Regularly

Last week, I had to buy a new car battery. That’s not something you do all the time, but do you know the last time you bought a car battery? No? Didn’t think so. While I’m trying to keep track of all my car things in Evernote, in the next few years, that car will probably die and I’ll probably get a new one.

I already have plenty of templates that I can save to my template library for the next car. Templates will allow you to have the spot to dump the same information again and again.

Also, templates are pretty and I’m a sucker for pretty.

So I will say, access to the “Save as a Template” function is a premium feature, but the premium is only $8 a month. Think about how much you spend on Starbucks every week (I spend way more than that). Evernote is one of those products where the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I obviously highly recommend it.

Try them out and see how they work. Join the Company and get your own template to get you started – a weekly brain-dump template!