Why Your Business Needs a Blog

It’s Monday morning. The coffee hasn’t hit yet. Your boss has already emailed you a new task… and the deadline was yesterday. You jump online to read a few articles on motivation and lift your spirits. Gosh, you hate the corporate world. Why can’t you be your own boss? Then, on the side of your screen, an ad pops up.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog


Do you click that ad?

No, you don’t. We are all busy and don’t want to be yelled by online advertisements. So as a marketer, how do you reach your audience? People need to learn about your product!

Solution: You blog.

By blogging for your business, the following three things are sure to happen:

1. Blogging Will Drive Traffic

By blogging consistently and on message, your customer will organically find your site.

Let’s say you have a coffee shop. People choose your shop because you have a quiet atmosphere and plenty of large tables for offsite meetings. Write a blog post about the benefits of switching up your work surroundings or a post about the team building aspect of offsite meetings.

Before you know it, your ideal customer has already been introduced to you!

Don’t believe me? At my day job at the Acton School of Business, we just started our blog. After only one post, we saw a 5% jump in our website traffic AND an increase of potential applications.


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2. Your Future Customers Will Be Primed for Purchase

All those customers who are eating up your content now know who you are and what you stand for. Now you can cultivate an already primed-for-purchase audience.

Time to go back to our coffee shop example: A potential ideal customer read your blog about offsite meetings, and later that week a potential offsite meeting came up. They need a location! Your previous site visitor goes back to the blog that educated him/her on the issue. Well, look at that! There’s a button at the bottom about the coffee shop location. It’s perfect! Sold.

At my day job, we wrote a post about the questions to ask before getting an MBA. People who ate that content are considering an MBA. We never mentioned Acton, but our values are clear during the read. After reading it, people looked at our site and contacted us to learn more.

And for the home run…

3. Your Business Will Be Using Value First Marketing

Business blogging is a strategy that provides value to your customer first. Gone are the days when marketers and business owners yelled at their audiences through ads and prayed that the brand logo would rival the McDonald’s M.

Now, marketers are masters of communication by having empathy. Business owners have to care for their customers for the business to succeed.

Blogging gives your potential customer value before purchase. Your article about offsite meetings inspired a culture change in a previously boring conference room. The article about MBA questions inspired the audience to dig in and not give up.

You just helped someone — Isn’t that reason enough?

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