Writing is something that I absolutely love. It gives me the ability to express myself in ways that my vocalized words can’t. If I had my choice, I’d write all day long, but sadly, I don’t have that option right now.

I have other priorities.

But wait, shouldn’t writing be a priority?

Writing & Priorities

Here in lies the problem that I and so many other people who want to write have: finding time.

Now, here’s where I’m going to get on my soapbox a little bit. Here’s the truth. You have twenty-four hours in the day. You have the same twenty-four hours I have, the same twenty-four hours that people who work full time and write have.

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It’s all about making the time you have work. But how do you find the time to write in a busy day? Let me break down just a few things I do every day:

-run two blogs
-search for jobs and apply for them

Needless to say, the only down time I ever really have is the down time I’m forced to have if my computer decides to be slow. This past summer, when I had nothing to do, I had the luxury of writing whenever I wanted. Now though, it’s a lot harder.

If you don’t have a set writing time, you really ought to start writing in the morning. Even if you can’t wake up super early, think about your morning. Do you tend to lay in bed a while, hoping to slowly wake up? Don’t. Just get up and use that extra time to write.

Yes, it’ll be hell the first few days, especially if you’re like me and just physically struggle to get out of bed (thank you autoimmune disease), but trust me, the more you get up and do it, the easier it becomes.

By writing in the morning, you get it done and over with, and you won’t have to battle with writer’s guilt during the day. Even if you write just a paragraph, that’s better than nothing. Start small, build up, and take over the writing world.

Now, I get it, sometimes life is really busy and we go through seasons where writing is harder than not. But, if you’ve always thought about writing but haven’t because you don’t have time, stop making excuses.

When it comes to prioritizing your time, it’s really your choice and no one else’s. Harsh, yes, but you know what, you have to want it.

If you want to write, you need to find the time. No one can do that for you. That’s your choice, and your’s alone.