You Should Read THE ASSASSIN If….

Okay, I borrowed this idea from Jenny, who wrote a similar post for her book, These Are the Moments.

The Assassin has been my baby for eight years. I’m about to send it off into the world, and I’ll admit it’s scary. So, now, I present to you a few reasons why you should read my book when it comes out next week. I asked my sister, my editor, and two friends who have read the book to fill in the blanks on this sentence:

“You should read The Assassin if….”

You Should Read 'THE ASSASSIN' If

Here are some of the answers on why you should read The Assassin.

-You like humor. Apparently this is the first time my sister has ever thought of me as being funny. I wasn’t even trying. In my book, I like to think there’s humorous moments, some lame, but that’s my style. She thinks it’s all funny.

-You like mysteries. This is my response. Obviously my book, at its core, is a mystery book. The mystery is a plot line that will propel most of the book series. I’m pretty invested in this mystery.

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A few reasons from friends…

-You like romance…. Or, if you like almost romances (Cassie is awkward and that’s always fun to mix in with romance)

Okay, let me rephrase that. You may like my book not because of the romance, but because of the (and I quote my editor) “sexy, ex-FBI” man. Her words, not mine.

“…If you like sassy characters with an edge.”

“…If you like to feel like you are the main character while reading.”

“…If you want to read a story that’s basically like James Bond meets Alias.”

“…If you like undercover agents.”

“…If you like characters you feel like you’d really want to hang out with.”

“…If you enjoy hilarious, realistic female characters kicking butt and taking names.”

“…If you’ve ever wanted to have the chance to take down a serial killer with one of the FBI’s top agents. Figuratively, of course.”

“…If you’re ready for a fresh, new mystery and crime novel with an unexpected romance.”

So, now you’ve heard a few reasons why you should buy The AssassinI sincerely hope if you read it, you’ll enjoy the story as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.